Intel’s AI Solutions Group

Join us for creating AI that helps improve
the life of every person on the planet

Intel’s AI Solutions Group

Join us for creating AI that helps improve
the life of every person on the planet

Intel’s AI Solutions Group

Join us for creating AI that helps improve the life of every person on the planet

Who we are


Our group has over 200 data scientists, machine-learning engineers and AI product specialists, most of them with Ph.D./MSc in the field. We believe the biggest enabler of AI are the humans creating it That's why we hire only the smartest, nicest, most driven and most creative entrepreneurs to win with us.


We use AI to transform critical work at Intel. We change how Intel designs, validates, manufactures and sells its products, as well as inject AI models into Intel products to make them smarter and more adaptive. With hundreds of highly intrusive AI models in production, we generate over $1.5B in business value each year. Our impact reaches almost every product that Intel provides, improving the life of every person on the planet.


We live and breathe cutting-edge AI that brings high business impact. We work in one of the largest and most diverse companies on the planet, with all types of data and opportunities to apply any known AI technology. To stay ahead of the pack, we never stop learning and innovating. Check out some of our recent talks and publications.

We can accelerate your AI career

Over the last 12 years, we developed proven methodologies for developing AI solutions while moving our professional skills forward. With us, you get the best of both worlds: in your day-to-day, you will solve key challenges as part of a small and empowered team; meanwhile, you will have many opportunities for learning with and from the internal community of your profession. Working in our ever-growing, highly professional center of excellence, this is the place to take your AI career to the next phase.

Who works here

Data Scientists

We have the dream job for data scientists, with the opportunity to solve high value business problems using rich datasets. We utilize diverse and exciting areas of practice, including machine learning, deep learning, NLP, computer-vision, reinforcement learning, online learning and more. 

Here, we innovate using a variety of best-in-class technologies. Our large community of data scientists enables you to work with and learn from great minds, and there are also many opportunities to participate in seminars, courses and leading professional conferences — all ensuring you’ll constantly grow your skills and knowledge. 

AI Product Experts

Intel’s AI product experts are essentially rock stars—they combine deep AI knowledge with product management best practices to create innovative and high value AI based products at scale.  
Our AI product experts engage with our customers to identify high business value problems that can be solved using AI, defining creative and high-end solutions that our data scientists and machine learning engineers can create. They also conduct deep data analysis using state-of-the-art technologies, collaborating with our data scientists to identify, create and evaluate the best algorithms to solve problems. Working diligently with our customers, our product analysts help implement and drive the highest business value possible from our solutions.

Machine Learning Engineers

Our machine learning engineers use best-in-class technologies to create AI solutions and AI productization platforms. We apply modern SW development practices to create products that deliver high business impact at scale. We work closely with data scientists and AI product experts to use innovative MLOps approaches to generate high business impact.
We use diverse technologies and favor open source including Kubernetes, MinIO, Spark, Kafka and Hadoop. With our diversely skilled engineers, there is always someone to learn from and consult with, and there are many opportunities for growth and career advancement with a world-class team.

Our students make a difference

We hire students for data science, product and machine learning engineering positions. These professional positions are an integral and critical part of their team, working on high-impact AI capabilities while constantly learning and growing their scope. We view our students as the next generation of esteemed engineers and proudly offer our top students a full-time position upon graduation.

What drives us

Mission: Transform Intel with AI

Our values

We hire only the best

We never compromise on hiring only the finest — people whose hearts are as large as their AI skills.

High mutual value

We aim to create a team where people have fun, grow professionally and personally and do meaningful work.

Use technology to do good

We use the power of AI to do good in the world by applying it to transform Intel and as part of our AI for social good volunteering.

Freedom of speech

The only way to authentically move forward is to let everyone feel they belong and their opinion matters.

Results driven

That is the only way to continue growing in scope and impact.

We value initiative and innovation

We foster people that are intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs at heart.

How we hire

We hire only the best. No compromises. To do so, we designed a process that gives us ample opportunities to get to know one another. We aim to assess your fit to the team and role from a personal, professional and potential perspective.

Professional/analytical interview

Where we will ask you question(s) that illustrate the types of challenges we face on a small scale or gauge your analytical skills.

Managers’ interview/s

Where we would like to get to know your personal background and professional experience, as well as explain about the role and the team.

Personal interview

Where we will focus on getting to know you and assess your fit to the team.

Referral interview/s

We will ask you to provide referrals to learn more about your history.